18 Ways to Stay Unfit and Unhealthy…

1. Surround yourself with people who are unhealthy and unfit.
2. Start tomorrow.
3. Research, read, research more; then do nothing.
4. Smoke or vape.
5. Take advice from unfit and unhealthy people on how to be fit and healthy. 
6. Fail once. Quit forever.
7. Drink excessive amounts of alcohol, even if it’s just on the weekends.
8. Blame your circumstances on other people and other things.
9. Avoid discomfort of all kinds.
10. Make promises to yourself. Break promises to yourself.
11. Keep candy, soda, ice cream and processed foods in your house.
12. Wait for perfect conditions.
13. Look for every way around the basics of exercise and healthy eating.
14. Do what everyone else is doing.
15. Talk more and do less.
16. Keep trying something new.
17. Keep making the same mistakes.
18. Never eat a home cooked meal.
Adapted, courtesy of Brian Stump

One way to change your life…

1. Do the opposite. 

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