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Private Personal Training

Personal training includes comprehensive services, delivered in a one-on-one fashion. This program is ideal for clients who have specific scheduling needs or who prefer a more intimate workout environment. This program is recommended for clients who need to improve mobility issues, rehabilitate injuries, or require a very closely-controlled environment.

Semi-Private Training

Semi-private training includes comprehensive services, delivered in a small-group, ladies-only setting. This program is ideal for women with general weight-loss and fitness goals who will also enjoy being part of a small community.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching partners you with our Certified Nutrition Coach for a powerful, behavior-changing experience. This option is perfect for clients who need personalized, on-going support that includes nutritional and wellness recommendations, accountability, educational opportunities and an emphasis on creating a healthier relationship with food.

Nutrition Consultations

Nutritional consultations are a stand-alone opportunity to meet with our nutritional coach for general tips and recommendations to improve nutrition and wellness.

On Track Consultations

On-Track Consultations are a crucial component to your success. During these private appointments, we meet to assess and measure your progress, and define your current goals. New and updated fitness plans and recommendations, strategies and motivation are provided to keep you on track with your goals and best results.

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We offer membership options starting at just $250 a month. Learn more about our pricing options by clicking the button.
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