Kaylan has lost 10 pounds and 10 inches, and improved her strength scores by an average of 41%!

Kaylan came to Elite in 2022, realizing that her busy life as a student and working professional was making it impossible for her to reach her fitness goals. After trying unsuccessfully to do it on her own, she knew that what she needed was accountability, coaching and a structured system of personalized support.

Here’s what Kaylan has to say about her experience with Elite: “My favorite thing about Elite is the personalized approach. The trainers tailor the workouts to meet my individual needs and goals, ensuring effective and efficient progress. The support and motivation from the team have significantly enhanced my training experience and have led to better results.”

Let’s take a look at what impacted her success! Kaylan says “Consistent dedication and a clear focus on my goals have been key to my success. Receiving positive feedback and the tools to adapt to new challenges have helped me grow and improve. The nutrition coaching with Jenna has also played a crucial role in my achievements. She is always there to encourage me when I’m having a bad day or am trying to talk myself out of going to the gym.”

Kaylan’s progress came from her hard work and dedication to the process. She’s staying the course and getting the results!

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