Betsy lost 29 lbs. and 10 inches in just 6 months!

Betsy is a nutrition client who has been ALL-IN with following her coach’s guidance, and she’s got the results to show for it!

Betsy says her favorite thing about Elite is that we “address each client as unique and coach you toward your goals and the mindset shifts required to achieve them”.

What had such an impact on Betsy’s success?. Betsy says “Jenna’s guidance through the mindset shifts required for success has been absolutely crucial! I was stuck in an all-or-nothing mentality, feeling I was either ‘all in’ with my nutrition and exercise regimen or that I had that switch ‘turned off,’ so to speak. Given the busyness and stress of life as a working mom, that mentality was making it impossible for me to get started, or all too easy for me to fall back to my old ways of living when I’d realize after several days that the giant leap to ‘all in’ wasn’t realistic.”

“Six months later, I can tell you that I have broken cycles and rewired my mind when it comes to eating and fueling my body. To say I am grateful is an understatement!”

We are thrilled at Betsy’s progress! Her hard work and mental shifts are creating results that last a lifetime!

Bravo to Betsy!

Team Elite

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