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Small Group Training

Do you have weight loss or
general conditioning and strength goals?

Do you want affordable, effective and fun training services that provide everything you need to look better, move better, feel better and BE better?

This program is for you!

Why try Small Group Training?

Research shows that, compared to one on one training, individuals that participate in small group training see better results!

  • Ladies Only: Enjoy your workouts with ladies who are just like you. We offer a comfortable, clean, upbeat and judgement-free environment. It's all about the girl power!
  • Accountability: Skip a week and we promise, your group members will never let you forget about it. When you sign up for small group training you aren't just making a commitment to yourself, you're committing to being a part of something bigger.
  • Community: Share the triumph of breaking your personal records. Shed blood, sweat, and tears (and pounds!) together after a killer workout. Congratulate and motivate! Be a team player! We aren't just a personal training studio. We are a community! Once you're here, you'll never want to leave.
  • Affordability: At the half the cost of private training, small group training is a fabulous and affordable option.
What our clients are saying
"Best work out facility in the entire area–I have belonged to enough to make that statement. No more of the gyms where you sign up and then get practically no personal attention unless you beg. I have been working out at Elite since early on and get the personal attention I want and need"

- Patricia C., Columbia, SC

What our clients are saying
"Tina is awesome! She makes you feel comfortable and meets you where you are ability wise (have not worked out in years!!) to develop a plan specific to you. I opted for the personal training with Tina because I needed the accountability. She documents everything so she is not “guessing” what weight or routine you did last. She has helped me make changes in my diet that are doable and not a quick fix gimmick. I travel with my job and Tina is always accommodating which helps me stay on track. Highly recommend this gym and Tina – she gets results."

- D.B., Irmo, SC

What our clients are saying
"The menu of foods in the nutrition plan made it easy for me to follow. Working out at Elite and using these nutritional guidelines helped me go from a size 16 to a size 10!"

- Kim F., Irmo, SC

What our clients are saying
"Keeping track of the exact amount of food and nutrients has made the difference for me; I never realized how much sugar I was eating before. This plan provides accountability and guidance that has helped me lose weight."

- Dana B., Irmo SC

What our clients are saying
"I had suffered a severe back injury and was in so much pain that I could not sleep, and no matter what I was doing (sitting, standing, walking, laying down) the pain was always bad. Medical and other treatments were not working. I started corrective exercise training with Tina, and within 3 months I was virtually pain free, for the first time in many years. I now enjoy an improved quality of life; I sleep well at night; my life is finally good again!"

- Jill, Irmo SC

What our clients are saying
"Suffering from chronic hip and back pain had turned me at 45 into an "old lady." I could not keep up with my active family of 5. I had tried everything...doctors, massage, yoga, physical therapy, acupuncture and medications. While these approaches would help temporarily, the pains always returned. After talking with a friend about her experiences, I sought out Tina. In a few months, Tina was able to do what years and years of traditional medicine and other approaches could not do for me. I now have lasting pain relief, improved mobility and I can proudly keep up with my family."

- Kristin, Lexington SC

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